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Chatter: 喋喋不休. commonplace: 普遍, 平凡, 平凡的. declare: 宣布, 陈述, 声明, 宣告. desire: 愿望, 欲望, 渴望, 意愿, 心愿. dropped: 落下. entirely: 完全, 全部地. fault: 故障, 过失, 缺点, 毛病, 断层, 短处, 缺陷. fruitless: 不结果, 不结果的. highly: 高度, 高度地. meanwhile: 与此同时. orchestra: 管弦乐团, 管弦乐队, 乐队. original: 原始, 原本, 原来, 本来, 原先, 原庄的, 原物. regain: 恢复. repeating: 反复的. rules: 条例, 规程, 守则, 裁定, 规则. shock: 震动, 地震, 惊震, 突击. stick: 棍, 棒子, 棍子, 插入, 棒, 黏贴, 手杖. suspension: 悬挂, 暂停. suspicion: 疑心, 怀疑, 嫌疑. unreasonable: 不合理, 不像话, 无理, 不近人情, 不合理的. willing: 愿意, 高兴, 情愿的. wrong: 不对, 不平, 错误的, 错误.

Directly: 直接地, 一头, 索性. finished: 完结了的, 完蛋了的. girl: 女孩, 姑娘, 女孩子. halves: 半. horrid: 讨厌的. list: 名单, 列举, 开列, 目录, 编目, 列出, 列表. loving: 爱着. mine: 矿, 我的, 矿山, 矿井. netting: 结网, 网, 网鱼. reading: 读物, 读数. scold: 责骂. skeleton: 骨架, 骨骼, 骨头架子, 架子, 骷髅. spend: 度过, 花费, 支出, 耗费. sweet: 甜, 甜食, 糖果. twelve: 十二. unless: 除非. veil: 面罩, 面纱. vexed: 懊恼, 烦燥. wild: 野, 猖披, 猖獗, 野生, 野性的. winter: 冬天, 冬季, 冬. wish: 愿望, 希望, 意愿, 祝, 祝愿, 志愿. woke: 醒觉. Jane Austen 31 men think us incapable of real friendship, you know, and I am determined to show them the difference.

Miserable: 悲惨, 凄惨, 困苦, 凄惨的. nameless: 无名, 无名的. nay: 不. object: 对象, 物件, 宾语, 物体, 物, 事物. persuade: 劝说, 说服. pretend: 假装. reads: 阅读. relate: 有关连, 叙述, 使相连. speak: 说, 讲. suppose: 假使, 猜想, 假定. uninteresting: 没有吸引力的. ” “Do you indeed! You surprise me; I thought it had not been readable. But, my dearest Catherine, have you settled what to wear on your head tonight? I am determined at all events to be dressed exactly like you. % “Signify! Oh, heavens! I make it a rule never to mind what they say. ” “Are they?

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