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By Zosia Halina Archibald

ISBN-10: 0199682119

ISBN-13: 9780199682119

The south-eastern tip of continental Europe was once an enormous concentration of artistic power within the moment 1/2 the 1st millennium BC. because the bridgehead among Europe, Asia, and the Mediterranean, the lands that corresponded to northern Greece, Bulgaria, and the eu elements of Turkey grew to become a spotlight of curiosity for quite a few exterior powers willing to learn from this region's burgeoning wealth.
While the traditional kingdoms of Macedon and Thrace have been considered fringe parts of the Mediterranean, they grew to become wealthy and winning, in part by means of exploiting the region's mineral wealth and trees and from the potent herding of cattle. In financial phrases, those land-based states have been strongly hooked up to the maritime powers of imperative and southern Greece and with components some distance past the Aegean.
Using the main updated equipment and theories approximately historical economies, Archibald explores the cultural and monetary dynamics of a area that maintains to bare unforeseen dimensions of Classical antiquity.

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24 Introduction In their magnificent and immensely erudite survey of history of, not in, the Mediterranean, Horden and Purcell have rejected Rostovtzeff ’s socioeconomic construction as an obsolete relic of early twentieth-century scholarship. Their argument relies partly on a perceived contrast between his ‘grandly interactionist’ conception and an ‘ecologizing’ one. ’40 Rostovtzeff ’s narrative consciously or unconsciously comprised a deterministic tendency that merges, ironically perhaps, with the geographical determinism that Horden and Purcell have criticized so trenchantly.

Beck and Bouzek 1993; Kilian-Dirlmeier 2002, 73–5, 227. Introduction 29 as a whole. 54 Far from being marginal, these deep trajectories linking continental regions with south-eastern Europe were the essential motors of intra- and extra-continental dynamics. 56 Velizar Velkov and settlement history in the Balkans Velizar Velkov (1928–1993) was both a product of the post-war academic environment and one of the key figures who helped to transform it. A relative of one of the pioneers of Bulgarian archaeology, Ivan Velkov (1891–1958), Velizar Velkov revealed his nascent curiosity in the evolution of settlement types in his postgraduate research dissertation, entitled ‘City and village in Thrace and Dacia, fourth to sixth century ad’ (1954).

What matters is the evidence that these patterns reveal of a continent-wide set of mutual relations, which enabled commodities and people to travel from one end of the network to another. 53 Nevertheless, amber is unlikely to have travelled as a single high-value commodity, but was one of a range of northern exports or commodities penetrating into southern Europe, including rare minerals (notably Bactrian gold and Breton or Cornish tin), as well as perishable organic materials, notably furs, exotic pelts, and manufactured items.

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