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By Kenneth Grant

ISBN-10: 1871438365

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During this research of Aleister Crowley's approach of sexual magic, Kenneth provide finds the occult workings of the hearth Snake or Kundalini-Goddess the cosmic energy that after woke up by way of magical capability assumes the shape that Crowley known as the Scarlet girl. supply additionally describes a style of dream keep watch over that Crowley and others used to identify touch with extraterrestrial and non-human beings and to arrange themselves for the conclusion of precise cosmic awareness.

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With the Fifth Degree, however, an entirely new Current appears. Crowley replaced the traditional rite of this Degree with a symbolic abnegation of historic, as opposed to Gnostic, Christianity, a ritual involving the crucifixtion of a toad previously baptized in the name of Jesus of Nazareth. This was a magical affirmation of the supersession of the Aeon of the Dying God by that of Horus, the Ever-Living One. O. There was no malice or "satanism" involved in this procedure, but Crowley was well aware that a person who subscribed to historic Christianity would be psychologically unable to use the formulae of sexual magick taught in the Sovereign Sanctuary.

The old Aeon, like any other event, was inevitable, and it excited the very current which its ministers strove to suppress, if not to destroy. The inhibited sexual energy Of 2,000 years, therefore, is now spending itself in a tremendous orgasm, the impetus of which in physical terms will project human consciousness into trans-physical realms. Projection is the formula of Ra-Hoor-Khuit; Horus in his active phase. There will be explosion, disintegration and the re-integration of newly discharged elements into vehicles whose substance will be of a subtle and comparatively immaterial nature approximating to the scientific conception of entity as envisaged in AL.

The change from blood to semen is symbolically implicit in the astronomical transition from Pisces to Aquarius, a change of equinoctial colure. Pisces, with its fish and water symbolism, represents the vagina whose watery or liquid emanation, blood, was the source of magical energy; its formula was Change in Matter. Aquarius, on the other hand, typifies the airy element, aether or infinite space, and its formula is Change in Spirit; and spirit or breath is symbolized by zero or zro (semen) and The Fool of the Tarot.

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