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Aflatoxin was low in peanuts stored for 6 weeks at 15°C under 20 % C 0 2 and 5 % 0 2 . No measurable aflatoxin was formed in peanuts stored for 6 weeks at 15°C under 40 % C 0 2 and 5 % 0 2 . The effect of C 0 2 concentrations from 20-80% in reducing growth by A. flavus by Golding (1945) and for other fungi by Brown (1922). 9 1965). With the same experimental equipment as Landers (1966), Sanders et al. (1968) found that aflatoxin production was inhibited for two weeks by atmospheres composed of 20 % C 0 2 at 17°C and 86-92% RH, but not at higher RH (99%) and higher temperatures (25°C).

1968) and Wilson et al. (1968) also failed to find an aflatoxin producing strain of this fungus. A screening study of 121 fungus isolates, representing 29 species, revealed aflatoxin formation only in the A. , 1968). Eight of the negative organisms were subcultures of isolates reported aflatoxinpositive by other investigators. Reasons were discussed for false positive findings, and precautionary measures and useful differential analytical procedures were suggested for aflatoxin screening studies.

1968) found only aflatoxins Bx and B2, although separate chromatograms were developed for the detection of aflatoxins Gx and G2. Taber and Schroeder (1967) tested more than 100 A. flavus isolates from Spanish peanuts and did not find an isolate that produced Gx or G2. However, Boiler and Schroeder (1966) found that when 284 isolates from rice were cultured on rice and peanuts, 25-30 % produced both aflatoxin Bx and G^ Hesseltine et al. (1968) reported similar taxa, and encountered no strain that produced aflatoxin Gx but no Bx.

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