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By K. Phillippo

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Kate Phillippo evaluates the perform of getting lecturers additionally function advisors, tasked with supplying social-emotional help to scholars. via an in-depth survey of teacher-advisors at 3 diversified city excessive colleges, she examines the several ways that advisors interpret and perform the position and the results for college students.

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No components or cogs in any machine, this group of teachers operated on their own and did so effectively, often outside of the parameters of the classroom or even the school day. If outside support providers were involved, teachers had a hand in it, as illustrated by Teach for America (TFA) founder Wendy Kopp: “When they (TFA corps members) discover that health issues or family problems are holding their students back, they find social services that can help” (Kopp, 2001, p. 167). Herbert Kohl, in 36 Children (1967), spent significant time with his students outside of school hours (before the morning bell, on out-of-state trips, and when they visited his home).

Given this explicit, and often encouraged, connection between studentteacher relationships and learning, Labaree (2010) asserts that any relationship between student and teacher is ultimately instrumental. He claims that the student-teacher relationship has taken on qualities of a primary relationship, which he describes as “an end in itself and not a means to ulterior ends” (p. 142), like relationships that occur between family members or close friends. Student-teacher relationships, by Labaree’s definition, also retain qualities of secondary role relationships (like that between cashier and customer), which exist for the sole purpose of getting business done.

In these depictions, teachers provide social-emotional support as a (if not the) central part of a system of support for students. Small Schools: A System of Individual Agents Since this book focuses on the advisor role and explores its enactment in small high schools, we conducted an analysis (identical to that described above) of five texts that publicized and explained the small schools movement, which gained steam in the 1990s and continues today through small schools opened in recent years in many US cities.

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