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Content material: basic dialogue: traditional AND NOVEL DRYING recommendations want for complicated Drying applied sciences category and choice standards: traditional as opposed to Novel applied sciences Innovation and traits in Drying applied sciences chosen complex DRYING applied sciences Drying on Inert debris Impinging movement Drying Drying in Pulsed Fluid Beds Superheated Steam Drying Airless Drying Drying in Mobilized Beds Drying with surprise Waves Vacu Jet Drying method Contact-Sorption Drying Sonic Drying Pulse Combustion Drying warmth Pump Drying Fry-Drying chosen strategies FOR DRYING AND DEWATERING Mechanical Thermal Expression Displacement Drying Vapor Drying Slush Drying Atmospheric Freeze-Drying Spray-Freeze-Drying Refractance Window Carver-Greenfield strategy HYBRID DRYING applied sciences Microwave-Convective Drying with Cogeneration Microwave-Vacuum Drying Filtermat Drying Spray-Fluid Bed-Vibrated Fluid mattress Dryer mixed Filtration and Drying Radio-Frequency Drying with 50 O expertise Radio Frequency-Assisted warmth Pump Drying Radio Frequency-Vacuum Drying Miscellaneous Hybrid applied sciences different strategies specific Drying applied sciences Index

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VUZOV. 1) where R = 462 J/(kg K) is the gas constant for water vapor, PS and Pg are the water vapor pressures at the material surface and in the gas core, respectively, and φ is the parameter that quantifies the distribution of the wet coat on the surface of inert particles given by the mass of the wet material that adheres to the unit surface area of inert particles. TS represents the average gas temperature in the boundary layer at the surface of the inert particle. 032 (112 − Tp) 100 100 Source: Extracted from Kutsakova, V.

1990, 1994). , 2005). 1). 1 Basic configurations of dryers with inert carriers: (a) Fluid bed, (b) spout-fluid bed, (c) fluid bed with inner conveyor screw, (d) spouted (jet spouted) bed, (e) vortex bed, (f) swirling streams, (g) vibrofluidized bed, (h) rotary dryer, (i) pneumatic dryer, and (j) impinging stream dryer. indd 30 12/26/2008 3:00:08 PM Drying on Inert Particles 31 the principle behind this technology lies in dispersing the liquid feed over the surface of an inert solid carrier. , 2000).

1989. Drying of liquid materials in a spouted bed. In: Drying’89. A. S. Mujumdar and M. ). Hemisphere Publishing Corporation, New York, pp. 415–420. Berni, J. P. V. and Freitas, L. A. P. 2007. Paste residence time in a spouted bed dryer. II: Effect of spout operational conditions. , 25(5): 831–839. , Diaz, G. and Reyes, A. 1996. Pneumatic suspension drying. In: Drying’96. C. Strumillo and Z. ). Proc. 10th International Drying Symposium (IDS’96). Krakow, Poland, pp. 427–434. , Pataki, K. and Ormos, Z.

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