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By Maitreya-natha, Gareth Sparham, Arya Vimuktisena, Haribhadra

ISBN-10: 0895819910

ISBN-13: 9780895819918

Maitreya's Abhisamayalamkara is the main broadly studied e-book in Tibet, the place it used to be introduced from India many centuries in the past. it really is utilized in all of the monasteries to coach the trail to Buddhahood, in line with the Perfection of knowledge Sutras. It teaches this in define shape, so it calls for a statement to be understood. The oldest extant statement is Arya Vimuktisena's Vrtti. Haribhadra, the main influential Indian commentator, drew upon this to put in writing his Aloka. almost the entire many well-known Tibetan academics who wrote their very own commentaries at the Abhisamayalamkara trusted Haribhadra as their fundamental resource. this can be the 1st of 4 volumes.

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What sort? " [Qualm]: Then it would not be a production of a thought [of enlightenment, but rather a production of a desire], because thought is marked by the representation of a specific object, while yearning is thirst. [Response]: This is indeed true, but here it is indicating the result by its cause based on the fact that [Bodhisattvas] produce the thought of Buddhahood when they yearn with desire to bring about [in themselves] the wholesome dharmas [that would effect their aim]. Wholesome dharmas occur naturally for those who yearn with desire to bring them about.

Anantavabhasa, Buddha called Lord Anantavabhasa! Ketusri, Ketusri! Asokasri, [the Buddha who is] ever Asokasri! ti, Ratnaya~ti! Kusumasri, Sugata Kusumasri! Tri-vikrama, Victor called Tri-vikrama! Jyotisri, Jyoti-sri! and Vipula-gm;tasri, Lord Gm:msri! [They say, "[When beings] hear the sound of the name of these Lords who are the Lords living in the ten directions they become irreversible. " [Response]: Here you should view this [reason for irreversibility] as other than the practice of the perfection of wisdom that is the real cause of the irreversible level.

All their being, born of a meditative concentration with the absence of joy [as a qualifying feature], is complete. They abide [in that form]. So just like a light in a jewel box is a single light mass, its own rays mingled with the light of the jewels, so too are their blazing bodies. Asarpjfia ("No- 26 Abhisamayiilmttkiira-vrtti thought") gods are so called because they have no thought, because, through their cultivation of nonattachment to thought, their form skandha alone manifests. ya-prasava ("Merit-born") gods are easy to understand.

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