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4 Lumped, 1 Mechanism, 3 Parameter Equivalent Circuit If the series resistance is assumed to be zero (as was done for the 2M5P circuit) the UP circuit reduces to the three parameter circuit shown in Figure 14. 0), Figure 14. 26) Substituting Eqns. 27) 42 The three parameters for this circuit are: IL = light current I0 = reverse saturation current γ = A x (NCS) As with the UP circuit, it is not necessary to assign arbitrary values to any of the parameters. 5 MIT I-V Model Equivalent Circuit The MIT model equivalent circuit is a hybrid between the L3P and L4P circuits.

Like the L3P and UP circuits, it uses a single lumped mechanism for current generation and also for the diode current. This model is viewed as a hybrid because the series resistance is neglected at an initial reference condition to obtain three unknown parameters, as in the L3P model, but is included when calculating new parameter values for I-V curves at other conditions, as in the UP model [29]. The MIT I-V equation requires the user to treat the series resistance as a known quantity rather than solve for it as one of the unknown parameters.

Lastly, the MIT model requires one additional piece of information not explicitly needed by the previous models, µvoc. µvoc is the temperature coefficient of open circuit voltage (V /K) and is usually given by the module manufacturer. This model is more difficult to compare side by side with the previous models because of a difference in the way the I-V characteristic is calculated. 1. All other parameters are assumed constant once they are solved for at a reference condition. The result is a new I-V equation which yields current as a function of voltage only.

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