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By Julian Lindley-French

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A Chronology of ecu protection and Defence 1945-2006 is a distinct and authoritative resource of reference for all people with an curiosity in eu protection and safety during the last 60 years. An commonly annotated chronology, the e-book bargains a blow-by-blow account of the occasions that experience formed the Europe of this present day. The ebook rigorously locations every one occasion in context, explaining what occurred, the place, whilst, and why. Month-by-month, year-by-year Europe's fresh previous is laid out and defined. With its available format, wealthy element, and balanced research, the e-book might be crucial analyzing and reference for students, scholars, policy-makers and policy-analysts alike.

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A Chronology of European Security and Defence 1945-2006

A Chronology of ecu safeguard and Defence 1945-2006 is a special and authoritative resource of reference for all people with an curiosity in ecu security and safety over the past 60 years. An widely annotated chronology, the publication bargains a blow-by-blow account of the occasions that experience formed the Europe of this day.

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However, it is not Europe where war breaks out. On 25 June 1950 the forces of Stalinist North Korea attack South Korea. Three years later some 2 million will be dead as the first ideological war of an ideological age ends in a tense truce. Two months prior to the outbreak of the Korean War, in March 1950, US Policy Document NSC-68 calls upon the West to rearm under American leadership to contain the Soviets wherever their expansionism expresses itself. Known colloquially as Containment, NSC-68 commits the US and its allies to confront Soviet communism wherever it appears.

Convinced that they are no longer invulnerable to Soviet ballistic nuclear missile attack, the Americans respond with an all-American determination to counter the Soviet threat. In fact, Moscow will have to wait some years before it can match American nuclear prowess, but the so-called missile gap becomes the latest paranoia in America’s capital of power paranoia. For weary Western Europeans a new question arises. Just how certain is it that America’s nuclear arsenal will be used in their ‘defence’?

Indeed, the foundation of NATO is in many ways the zenith of British post-war policy as Britain briefly plays Greece to America’s Rome, for whilst American nuclear power is Europe’s deterrent guarantee, the Alliance is a British idea. Moreover, it is Ismay who succinctly captures NATO’s purpose when he states the reason for the Alliance; to keep the Russians out, the Germans down, and the Americans in. SUEZ AND THE END OF A BRITISH EUROPE Britain’s decline is precipitous as the grand European colonial age ends with a humiliating full stop.

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