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Experimental Studies East Anatolian Region raw lateritic nickel ore samples were crushed and ground by using a jaw crusher, cone crusher, roller crusher and a vibratory cup mill. Average particle size of 275 um was calculated by using screen analysis for the ground ore. Ore was homogenized at the end of the mill treatment process. Homogenized ore was characterized by using different analyzing techniques including XRD, XRF and AAS. Also amount of fixed carbon, volatile materials and ash in metallurgical coke were analyzed.

The well block is put on place with its centerline exactly positioned. The interface between the well block and the surrounding lining is cast. Subsequently the slide gate is mounted on the base plate and nozzles and plates are installed. For safety reasons it has to be sure that it is possible to move the slide gate above the copper bath if an emergency occurs. In case of power failure, a back-up power generator is available at the anode furnace. Additionally the hydraulics are installed in such a way that the slide gate closes automatically in case of emergency.

The experimental flowsheet was presented in Figure 2. The leaching in the solution of H 2 0 was attributed to appraise the formation amount of MnS04. The leaching efficiency of Mn can be calculated as follows: y = (l n^ xß )xl00% mn x a (1) Where: y is the leaching efficiency of Mn, %; m 0 is the weight of reduced product, g; a is Mn grade of reduced product, %; mi is the weight of leached residue, g; ß is Mn grade of leached residue, %. Manganese ore gjp Grinding x Mixing Sulfur X Reduction roasting Leaching Leaching solution Leaching Residue Figure 2.

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